Based on a true story (or almost truth) My Fair Lady – The Punk Version blurs the lines between reality and fiction. Set in 1985 Winnipeg and San Francisco this narrative-driven short-story-photo-video-movement-performance is a brash modern take on Pygmalion foreshadowing the #metoo movement of today.

Providing a dual perspective, Jodie’s coming of age story is told by 52-year-old Rita and the fictitious Jodie herself: the innocent young dancer turned punk juxtaposed with the woman she eventually matures into. Bozi performs Jodie, Adam (her mentor), Keith (her boyfriend), Christine (her San Fran lover) and a host of other characters in this sometimes unsettling look at sexual manipulation and gender oppression, ultimately ending in Jodie’s own self-orchestrated liberation.

Originally performed in Vancouver and Iceland, the Reykjavik Grapevine called it, “gritty and compelling,” stating that, “it reverberates with the stirrings of revolution and the spirit of change.”

The productions brims with the best of the New Wave music genre and pays tribute to the grandparents of punk; Patti Smith, Marianne Faithful, The Velvet Underground and The Residents. The show also includes ninety personal photos and artifacts of that era placed one on top of another as the story unfolds. Projected on the set they create layers of meaning and tension between characters.

The current instalment of My Fair Lady – The Punk Version performed to four sold out audiences in February 2018, at Next Stage, as part of a new initiative of Theatre Junction Grand.