The ‘savage Serb’ was a term I learned from my parents and relatives. They had nothing good to say about the race they once overtook. As a child I believed what I heard, albeit with confusion, because I instinctively felt I wasn’t getting all the information. What made the Serbs savage? Were they born that way? Or were they simply evil people?

“Thanks for an amazing read! The acute reminder of the “bullet that rang around the world” is how I learnt about the reason for WWI. To realize again the Serb connection and how it was a continuous history thread that of course finds us in Canada. Both sides, newborns, refugees and lovers united and confused suffer from the aftermath of wars. The storyteller speaks with the depth of authenticity you know and feel this must be a true telling. The weaving of ignorance and openness and the twisted way we often learn through our skin despite the naivety of our actions. Actions tainted by our immediate ancestors live long in us through their prejudices purposely taught or not and how much it takes to go beyond them. If we ever do. And how the perceived enemy teaches us more than we can ever appreciate. To meet in the space of therapy was so very North American. Thanks, this is the second story I have read from this author. More more more please.” 

– Carol-Anne Bickerstaff