“I read your story My Fair Lady and it’s so great! 

Beautifully written, truly, and sad and soulful…

…it’s so sweetly gratifying to read something great from a new writer.”

– Miriam Toews

I write. I create. I perform. I treat trauma and relationships. I care about the world.

I wrote a novel. I’m looking for an agent and seeking a publisher. Here is the synopsis.


When I Was Better (synopsis)

When I Was Better, set in Hungary and Canada, chronicles the twenty-year relationship of István and Teréza, from the Nazi invasion and the Soviet occupation to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Battered by private betrayals and public humiliations, the young couple learns that laughing at the absurd is a saving grace until separation and shame test their endurance and their love. Told in reverse chronology, moving between Winnipeg and Budapest, the novel explores how an autocracy corrupts its citizens by reviling truth and making survival with dignity a transgressive act. A moving chronicle of a refugee crisis from a different time, the theme of how intergenerational trauma impacts families is even more relevant today. It is written for readers of Irène Némorovsky’s Suite Française and Sofi Oksanen’s Purge.

“With sharp insight and the gifts of a natural, Bozi’s novel brilliantly chronicles the plight of an entire generation of Hungarians through the intimate portrait of two lovers tested by the political and personal betrayals that ripped through the heart of the twentieth century.” 

– Dennis Bock

“When I Was Better is a masterfully written historical novel – a coming-of-age story filled with troubled love, totalitarianism and war. The story is rich, intriguing and the characters are very much flesh and blood. Reading it deepens our understanding of oppression, freedom and what turns ordinary people into refugees; a reality we must begin to comprehend on a personal level. History is not just history; this novel allows us an intimate view from a generational context. We need this book.”    

– Guðrún Eva Mínervudóttir

“When I Was Better, is a tribute to the resiliency of the human spirit, of the indistinguishable light of hope in the darkest of times. Tragic but inspiring, ugly yet beautiful. I could not put it down and did not want it to end.” 

– Lorinda Stewart

My Fair Lady - The Punk Version